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Forest Trees

HFAC Field Institute

Our Field Institute offers nature-based programs with the purpose of creating an intimate connection between our students and their local environment. This creates a sense of purpose, confidence, critical thinking skills, overall physical health as well as academic performance and social development. 

See below for our current offerings! Charter funds are accepted through select schools.

6-week Spring Series 2024:
Field Institute Enrichment Program

Ecology Walks
Wilderness Skills
Love for Wildlife
Campfire Cooking
Nature Immersion
Class Play
Free Play
Free Play
Campfire Cooking

REGISTER EARLY to Grab a Spot!

Students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature while reinforcing common core information, learn the art of nature journaling, ecology, handwork, ethnobotany, emotional-social development, primitive and survival skills, campfire cooking, physical agility, and more. This is nature-based outdoor learning in a safe and nurturing environment. 

NEW THURSDAY CLASS with BOAZ. All about Pollinators!

6-week series on Thursdays, immersive hands-on experience all about native plants and their pollinators.


Recommended for ages 6-14.

Choose between our Monday or Thursday class


Mondays - Glendora, two locations, hands-on exploratory class covering all of the above

Thursdays  - Glendora, smaller class with a focus on pollinators and the native plants, discovery hikes, hands-on experiments, crafts, land rehab and more!

Time: 10am-2pm

Type: Drop-off Program, 6 classes per session

Cost: $450

10% discount for each added sibling

Spring 2024 Session Dates: March 25 - May 13 (no class during the weeks of April 1 and April 22)


Adventure Leaders

A year of self-discovery during a peak time of each individual's youth development for students in grades 5th-12th. They will be challenged to think critically and push their limits physically and intellectually as an individual, as well as in a group setting. They meet one Friday of each month, receive discounts on many HFAC adventures, and will be invited to work as leadership. Topics include outdoor leadership, conservation, wilderness survival and first aid, primitive skills, and more. They must be committed to the 2023-2024 school year for a complete experience. Read more here.

Location: Los Angeles - Various locations between Claremont and Altadena

Type: Drop-off with instructor

Age: Grades 5th-12th

Dates: Regular meetings the 3rd Friday of each month

Options: Charter Funds, Monthly Payments available, Sibling Discounts, Financial Assistance

SoCal Explorers


This is our Field Institute Enrichment Program punch card system. We explore various areas and subjects in Southern California with our students through classes and field study. Use your SoCalEx package to purchase a class in full, or do drop-in sessions in our current classes.

Location: Various SoCal locations

Type: Drop-off, some classes are parent participation required

Study: Earth Science, Entomology, Art, Native Plant study, Photography, Nocturnal Exploration, Hiking, Wilderness First Aid, various multi-subject workshops, and more!

Dates: Year Round August - June

Cost $350 credit for classes, or per seasonal session

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