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Outdoor Youth Leadership Program
2024-2025  - Registration is open!

NEW! Earn college prep credits for "Student Council" by being a part of this program!

This group of dedicated students will have the opportunity to build life-long leadership skills, challenge their mental and physical abilities, and learn about their important role as change-makers in this world.

Our Adventure Leadership program goes far beyond promoting a general sense of enthusiasm for the idea of being a leader, and instead help students develop a sense of confidence and of perspective such that leadership is seen not as the exclusive goal in and of itself, but rather as a means to greater accomplishment in one's life, a tool for personal empowerment, and as a springboard to provide meaningful service to one's community. 

Leaders must be in grades 5-12, and will be separated when necessary into middle and high-school aged groups.


After enrollment in the program, they will be invited to participate in Adventure Leader monthly meet-ups beginning in September where they learn valuable outdoor leadership skills. They will also be given the opportunity to attend activities and field trips as leadership, fulfill volunteer-work, and attend exciting HFAC leadership team-building events. Students may also request to take part in areas of teaching, operations, research, marketing, and planning for HFAC based on their skills and passions. 

The primary commitment is our once-per-month meetings, on the third Friday. Locations are primarily in Los Angeles County between Altadena and Claremont, but may extend into Orange County.

Please keep reading for more details about the financial and time investments expected to take part in this unique program. We welcome you!

Space is limited to 12 students per age group. The registration period is open as long as space is available. Enrollment must meet a certain number to operate the program.

Learning together:

This will be a year of self-discovery during a peak time of each individual's youth development. They will be challenged to think critically and push their limits physically and intellectually as an individual, as well as in a group setting.

Some of the topics covered in our program for outdoor leadership real-life application are: team building, vision and goal setting, communication, negotiation and conflict resolution, creating boundaries, social-emotional development, our local environment, wilderness first aid, and community service. 


Opportunities for high-school:

Becoming a better leader also means becoming a better listener, critical thinker, and a more responsible citizen.


High school Adventure Leaders can highlight their experience on their college resume as credits for "Student Council" through their leadership academy participation!  Colleges like to see that students have put in time both inside and outside of the classroom to enhance their understanding of the world and increase their leadership skills. This is why many  students participating in leadership groups like ours go on to attend elite institutions, and set the path for an empowered, happy, and successful life as part of a community.

Investment of Time:

*Meetings from 10am-2pm once per month from September through May. These meetings will be outdoors on local hikes and will consist of lessons, challenges, and free time. Adventure Leaders bring their own healthy lunch, prepared on their own in the morning.

*Meetings are held on the 3rd Friday of each month between Altadena and Claremont with the potential to extend into Orange County.

*Optional but highly recommended monthly adventures. These may include but are not limited to: ropes courses, kayaking, sailing, ziplining, rock climbing, off-roading, field-trips, overnight trips, and more. Adventure Leaders will receive multiple discounts on trips throughout the year to encourage participation and sometimes complimentary trips if they are asked to serve as leadership.

Everything outside the monthly meeting is optional.

The more time you put into this group, the more you will gain from it. Every leader will find their own purpose and will be guided in how to harness that passion to be empowered and motivated.


Financial Investment:

Students will receive an exclusive Adventure Leader Hoodie and T-Shirt uniform to wear to all leadership events, and an award pin at the end of the year for their dedication to the program. There is a $99 uniform fee that will be due on August 1st or at time of registration.


This is a year-long program can be split into 2-payments

$499 Fall 2024, Due September 1st

$599 Spring 2025, Due January 1st

(Monthly payment plan available, although a year-long commitment is required)

Cost Includes monthly leadership trainings, discounts on team-building trips and HFAC adventures, and when available, no-cost participation in events as a LEADER for HFAC events.

*Charter Funds accepted, semester long payments only unless the school requires monthly payments.

*If you are not with a charter school, please inquire about the financial assistance that is set aside for this program.

Also Included:

*End of the year, full written report will be given if requested, to the Adventure Leader about their year, strengths, accomplishments, areas of improvement, and recommendations


*At the end of the year, each participant that completed the program will receive an exclusive pin for their dedication and an Adventure Leader Certificate

*Reference Letters available for work, college, invitations to honors societies and more.

*This program is considered "Student Council" for college prep high school credits. There are a few extra steps that need to be taken through your charter school. Please contact us with questions.

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