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Q: Are you a pod or enrichment club?

A: No. We are a group where everyone comes together to learn and adventure. We welcome your entire homeschool group, pod, co-op, family, friends, or enrichment center classes. We also welcome individuals that do not belong to any of these types of groups and are looking for connection with other youth.

Q: Do you accept charter funds?

A: As of August 2023, we are currently accepting funds from Blueridge Academy, Sky Mountain, Compass, Heartland, Yosemite, Monarch River, Excel, ILead, Mission Vista, Suncoast Prep, California Pacific, Sage Oak, and Granite Mountain. If you are with a different charter school, please reach out to your teacher to find out how to request HFAC as a vendor. *****To register for an event, fill out the registration form and click on "Manual Payment". This will reserve your spot. Be sure to request the event through your charter to finalize the process.

Q: How do I become a member to attend events?

No membership is required! You can sign up for any events that you are interested in. We have many of the same people registering for multiple events, so you will get to know the community over time.

Q: Is this group for homeschoolers only?

A: Because most of our events and activities are held during school hours, the general population of our participants are homeschooled. 

Q: What ages are allowed to events?

A: We have events for ages K-12 and each event will list the grade recommendation. As parents, you know your child and what grade they fit into. Therefore, we do leave the enrollment up to the parent based on children's maturity and developmental level. Some field trips do have a requirement for weight or age for safety reasons.

Q: Where are meet-ups taking place?

A: Our meet-ups are typically located in the San Gabriel Valley. When we are hosting a chartered bus or van, drop-off is typically in San Dimas or Glendora. Although, field trips and adventures can be anywhere in Southern California within 1+ hour of San Gabriel Valley.

Q: Are these drop-off events?

A: Every event is different! There are opportunities for family trips, drop-off events, and even chartered day trips. We have trained staff and chaperones at every event.

Q: Can siblings attend?

A: We strive to make every trip possible in every situation. Sometimes additional tickets from the vendor will be required. Just ask about your particular trip and we will do our best to make it work for your family!

Q: Do you offer refunds on cancellations?

A: On every event page, you will see a cancellation/refund policy. Most trips are transferrable but non refundable. Often times, the payment has already been sent to the vendor and I cannot retrieve the funds. If this is the case, but I can fill your spot with someone on the waiting list, I will send a refund. In summary, I will do all that I can to send a refund but I cannot make promises with most events.

Q: How do I apply for financial assistance or scholarships?

It is our goal to make our trips affordable, offer payment plans, and flexibility. If a family needs some flexibility with payment, we just ask that they communicate so we can try to make the adventure happen for them. Donations allow us to offer financial assistance and scholarships to families in need. 

Please contact us through our webpage here. We will reach out to you within 48 hours.

Q: Are masks or immunization records required for your events?

A: Masks are optional unless the CDC has placed specific requirements. We do not check immunizaton records or will ever ask about your private information. 

Q: Is this a religious group at all?

A: We welcome people from all cultures, religions, and backgrounds. Diversity is important to us! Our events are are all secular and do not exclude anyone. 

Q: Can I just go on the same field trip with my family, without HFAC?

A: Many of our field trips are available to book for your own group or available to the general public. At HFAC, we take field trips and make them better! Our field trips are private events for this group only and our educators are there to offer pre or post trip activities, additional educational opportunities, drop-off options for students, and more. Our events are highly organized, we strive to take the pressure off the parents so they can just enjoy their children and the activities, and add value to the original field trip that is offered.

Do you have a question? Please fill out the form below or type in our chat!

Thank you for being a part of HFAC!

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