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My name is Suzy and a Southern California homeschooling mom to two awesome kids and step-mom to two amazing adults! I saw a need to plan more exciting eco-adventures and learning opportunities for K-12. I invite those that may or may not already have a learning pod, those that otherwise may not be able to afford these activities, and a safe place for diversity, education, and stress-free private events.

I am excited to meet you! Welcome to the community!

About the Adventure Community

Learn from the indigenous people in a private Chumash village, meet the wolves at a wolf sanctuary, play in the sand after a sea kayak group tour, experience the thrill of a zip-line, drive an ATV during an organic farm tour, hug a cow and cuddle a turkey... the possibilities are endless when spending time with friends in our active group!

Sound fun? Join our group of San Gabriel Valley homeschoolers that provide fun opportunities to connect with nature, go on exciting adventures, make lifelong friendships, and fall in love with our planet and all living things! 

While many facilities host homeschooling days and tours, we create our own! We book field trips and other learning opportunities that are normally not available, or only available to schools, and we also create our own fun events! Share these events with your pod or homeschool group!

Look out for exciting eco-conscious private parties from this group catered to the homeschool community. Think Back-to-School glow jump party nights, May Faire festivals, Jr. High dances,

or High School prom with a twist!

Aside from our fun, pre-planned events, there are also group buy-ins so families can take advantage of discounts provided to larger groups! Participation with the group is encouraged but not required! Bounce to the beat of your own drum!

There are no membership fees and no commitments. Just check in with us and subscribe to be notified of new opportunities to join us in adventures! Have an idea of your own? Share it and we will do everything from start to finish to make your vision come alive!

There is more! Visit our "Other Programs" page!

​​Don't miss out! Subscribe to our mailing list to be notified of events coming soon.

I promise that this information will never be shared or sold. Subscribe below!





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