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Photography by Amy Salessi of Suzy Colleen and family in 2020

"Give the children a chance to love the earth before we ask them to save it."   -David Sobel

And So It Begins...

Hello! Thank you for visiting our website. 


Let me introduce myself. I am a wife, mom to a boy and a girl, stepmom to two, teacher, leader, passionate visionary, and nature lover. My life has taken many different paths over the years and has taught me who I am and what I value as truly important throughout it all.


I grew up in Los Angeles County and still reside here. As a child, my dad worked very hard to provide exciting adventures for our family, from cross-country motorhome trips, biennial Caribbean cruises, to annual ski-trips to Lake Tahoe and everything in between. I experienced camping, parasailing, snowmobiling, bike riding down a volcano, helicopter name it. Not only did he treat our immediate family to these trips, but often invited friends and cousins on the trip as well.


As an adult looking back, I do not know how in the world he could have afforded it!  We were always taken care of, but I did not consider ourselves "rich" financially. I have so many questions, but both my parents have passed away, so I do not have the benefit of their advice now that I am a parent.


Parenting is expensive and providing these adventures can seem near impossible. Just the cost of living here in California is putting many people into poverty. Who would have ever imagined gas prices to be above $8 per gallon!?


Due to many reasons, my husband and I have decided that we need to homeschool our children. On this journey for the past three years, I have been involved in many enrichment clubs, homeschool pods, meet-ups, extracurricular activities, and more. During this time, I have identified a few problems that I am passionately seeking solutions to.


And so it begins...


I am building an adventure community for all.


My vision is to provide outdoor adventures like those that I was able to experience as a child, to homeschoolers, low-income homeschoolers, students, and families in the San Gabriel Valley at a sliding scale of regular costs, to no cost at all. Creating a close connection with nature and other youth has many profound benefits for positive growth and development.


I am building a micro melting-pot in the Southern California area consisting of youth from all backgrounds, educational groups, and economic statusus to find a common ground, support each other, respect differences, and create friendships. Some examples are team building, group-bonding, outdoor activities, educational field trips, and an exclusive leadership program. There is no obligation to attend a specific number of activities like a pod or enrichment club may have. We are here when you or your group want to join us.


I am building a lending library of outdoor equipment for youth and school organizations that need it. We will provide it at little to no-cost. Often times, the biggest hurdle to getting outside on a camping trip is the cost of equipment. Maybe a bicycle, wetsuit, or bodyboard would allow for more active days. I want to give the gift of quality time and fitness in nature to all that need it. We are providing an opportunity to disconnect and fall in love with our planet.

As an adult I crave adventure and being outdoors. It nourishes my mind and body. I want others to feel the life-giving energy through  burying their toes in the sand and walking barefoot in well as feeling the force of nature while kayaking, surfing, rock-climbing, mountain biking, and adventuring. Financial issues should not be a barrier to youth who want to experience the gift of exhilaration from an outdoor adventure or the peacefulness of waking up to the sunrise in a campground.

On my journey, I have found that what is truly important is family, friends who are family, mental and physical health, our planet and all living beings, and time. It is all precious and should not be taken for granted.

You all belong. Welcome to the Healthy Footprints Adventure Community!

Your fellow adventurer and founder of HFAC,


If you would like to connect with me, please feel free to call or text me at (626) 485-0540 or send an email to

Thank you for being here!

*Photo Credit: Grateful to our family photographer, Amy Salessi Photography. She gifted a photoshoot to our family in 2020 after we won a photo contest through her Instagram account!

Friends in a Tent

"There are no strangers here; only friends you haven't met yet." 
Y.M. Yeats

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