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Making Magic Happen

Healthy Footprints Adventure Community was able to create a magical moment for a mother and son in Southern California. Tickets to Disneyland were gifted to HFAC at the last minute by a member of the community to be used for that very same day. Suzy, founder at HFAC, posted on their Instagram account, @HFAdventureCommunity, "Three Tickets Available for Disneyland Today. The catch is that you must let me know by 4pm and show up to Disneyland before 7pm."

Lauren, a follower of her account and mom to a young boy, Niko, replied and said she would be able to go that night. Trusting HFAC, she showed up to meet an HFAC representative, Janis, at the park with her son to receive the tickets. Janis was very happy to have met them and said, "The boy was so sweet! He just kept hugging me and saying thank you!"

They enjoyed the second half of the day at Disneyland together and watched the fireworks.

Lauren commented on her evening, "My son had the evening of a lifetime. He had been begging to get to Disneyland for the last few months to a year. Just can't afford the crazy fees there. I'm so grateful that you and your cousin, Janis, made my baby Niko's dream come true."

"To be able to make this happen makes me so happy. The cost of everything has gone up and experiences are often out of reach for many families. This is why I created give back to families and treat their children to amazing adventures. Memories are being made between parents and children and this fills my heart so much. I am truly grateful to our donor and also to Lauren, who trusted that we would show up with tickets!" -Suzy

If you would like to make a contribution to HFAC, please reach out to the organization directly at They are currently in the process of filing for a non-profit status.

June 20, 2022

By Gilbert Gonzalez

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